About Us

Hello, I’m Celine

I teach women career professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners, how to increase confidence in your decision-making abilities, so that you maintain that level, and never, ever, slip back into that downwards freefall, spiralling out of control and casting doubt on your abilities.

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you a professional career woman, who wants to achieve your full potential, be confident in your abilities at all times and, never be overlooked again and not taken seriously? I know how that feels. And, I can assure you …

  • If you want to be that confident person whom you admire… or just know you have those innate skills and want to bring them forth
  • If you have an underlying belief in your abilities but have been thrown off course far too often…
  • And especially if you long to match up your desire for being that powerful person with your desire to make the contribution you would like to make in the world…

… then you have arrived at the perfect place, and this site ids definitely for you.

My Story

I’ve had the privilege of working in large corporations as well as having my own CPA accounting practice. During that time period 95% of accountant business owners were men. This meant that I had to put on a front to keep up with the boys. If I was feeling inadequate or small, in no way was I able to admit that. This led to overwhelming stress and loss of confidence in my abilities as I was not able to express and release my feelings. The good news from those years was that I learnt a lot about stress and its’ effect on confidence… hence my new career.

My new career is as a Wellness and Stress Resolution Specialist, which has evolved out of those early experiences of loss of confidence due to stress.

I Deal With Stress Resolution, and You Can Too

… because, I discovered that stress is at the basis of ALL dis-ease. Underlying you lack of confidence in your decision-making abilities are phases of: depression, anxiety, fatigue, lack of sleep, and so on. All ofthese negative states and emotions can also be resolved at the same time. So, if you are experiencing low or lack of confidence at any time, especially at work, then this stress controls you and makes you behave in limiting ways. The decision is yours.

Living as stress-freea life as possible, leads to all kinds of benefits, the first of which, is feeling empowered, present and aware. It also leads to being able to make decisions easier, and having that confidence in those decision-making abilities, such that you will never be overlooked again. You will be taken seriously. And. You will feel comfortable in your own skin once more.

I live in a small town named: Bowral, which is south of Sydney, Australia, with my two cats,Truffy and Louis. We have fresh air. A slow pace. Room to move and a lovely peaceful life.

If you would like to regain your confidence permanently, then I encourage you to read some of the ebooks and articles on stress, that, by default, affect confidence, so you will know that I am serious about helping you achieve your goals.

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